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The magic tastes, of the typical culinary delights of Koroška begins with the scent of home baked bread. The real wholemeal buns from rye flower made according to folk tradition, with the crust cracked just the right amount and a thick dark middle are still made in bakeries all over Koroška today. A special bread from the area of Dravograd is made in Libeliče following their old traditional recipes. The dough left over from bread baking is joined together and knead into a bread bun. The process is called “trentanje” and the bread or roll is called ”trenta”. To enrich the taste of the bread it is covered with pork cracknels lings or cream sometimes even herbs or a sweet cover. They offer it as the “trenta” of Libeliče. The slices of rye bread are also accompanied by their everyday potato soup. In the dialect the potatoes are called “rpica” and the soup is called “rpičeva župa” they also add pork cracknels and spice it with herbs. This is one of many meals described in the cook book of Libeliče in which the food culture of the people and the land is researched and described in more detail.

The culinary delights of Koroška are especially traditional, well known mostly for their simplicity. The delights which the housewives have been preparing from their natural environment for centuries can nowadays also be found on the menus of the local pubs and tourist farms. They all offer homemade specialities but each restaurant has its own culinary particularities which will surprise you in discovering the cuisine delights of Koroška.

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