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The inviting landscape offers numerous opportunities for a true contact with nature in all seasons. Hikers and recreational cyclists can find colourful lowland and hillside trails, under the top of Košenjak there is also the Mountain lodge Košenjak owned by the mountain society of Dravograd. The long riversides of the local rivers invite fishermen who find their spots in areas with fast flow or in the calm stillness of the bays. Upriver from the power plant the Fishing society of Koroška built its headquarters where you can view a modest but interesting fishermen’s collection. The view of the land is very interesting from the perspective of the river, and taking a ride down Drava with a ferry in the spirit of the ferrymen of Koroška is a true adventure. The ferry ride ends at the bridge of Trbonje. The most exciting adrenalin full experience to see the land is without a doubt from the air. The airfield in Libeliče offers air diving experiences under the organization of the Avio-fun club. Groups can spend the day by the water at the organized picnic area next to Drava right before the town Libeliče in Tribelj, where the sports recreational centre Rener offers camping with tents and an area for caravans. Winter fun is offered to both adults and children at the ski slope Bukovnik above Šentjanž. There is an operational drag lift and the option of night skiing. The flat areas among the fields present a great space for ski running in the winters.


The hiking trails lead to the tops of the peaks of all three mountain chains of Dravograd. They run past interesting stop points and offer meetings with the heritage of the land and the beauties of panoramic views, the timeless charms of the forest trails and the softness of the grassland meadows. There are short descriptions along the way to remind the traveller of the particularities they will encounter. Towards Košenjak and its surrounding areas next to the country border there are four hiking trails that have a local, regional, national (Slovene) and international frontier characteristics. Across Pohorje we find the Šisernik trail, across Tolsti vrh the mountain trail of Koroška, the trail to Selovec is rounded up from the direction of Šentjanž. There are also three pilgrimage trails that pass through the community of Dravograd. The themed trails are shorter and have educational characteristics; they are suitable for everyday exercise needs. One can be found in Libeliče, (Velika uharica) in connection to the Ajda school centre and two of the trails lead from the town centre through the old castle (the school learning trail Dravograd – Castle – the trail for the heart), where it meets the longer Dravograd trail that is directed towards Goriški vrh.

The international cycling trail that runs by the river Drava is inspiring for the lovers of nature and cultural landscape. It starts at the Toblach field in Italy next to the spring of Drava and leads towards its river basin in Austria. It enters Slovenia through the border crossing Vič and heads towards Dravograd where it crosses the bridge and continues on the right river bank through Bukovje towards Trbonje in the direction of the city Maribor. From there it continues towards the town Ptuj and to Croatia. The part of the trail that leads through Dravograd is not challenging, from the border to the town the trail is well kept and it continues on local roads that are not busy with traffic.

The South of the cycling trail is flat country, and runs mainly on the abandoned terrace of the former railway connection Dravograd – Velenje from the Otiški Vrh pass Šentjanž towards Slovenj Gradec and Mislinja.

Na naši stran uporabljamo piškotke za pravilno delovanje strani in beleženje obiskanosti strani. S strinjanjem nam dovolite uporabo piškotkov.

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